GDP projections from PwC: how China, India and Brazil will overtake the West by 2050

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  • The Astonishing Growth Of Brazil (2011)
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    See Article History Alternative Titles: Unlike Rio, both are located on flat interior plateaus. Rio de Janeiro, Braz. Time-lapse video of Rio de Janeiro.

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    In March the two states were fused as the state of Rio de Janeiro. The city of Rio de Janeiro became one of the 14 municipalities of the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, or Greater Rio, and was designated the capital of the reorganized state. Area city, square miles 1, square km ; Greater Rio, 2, square miles 5, square km.

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    Character of the city Rio de Janeiro is well known for the beauty of its beaches and of its peaks, ridges, and hills—all partly covered by tropical forests. Rio is also an important economic centre, however, with activities ranging from industry and national and international trade to administration, banking, education, cultureand research. Rio de JaneiroNight view of Rio de Janeiro. After the city was relegated to being a state capital in the midth century, however, a new regional consciousness began to develop.

    Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro, with Mount Corcovado in the background. The greater portion of the city—commonly referred to as the North Zone Zona Norte —extends to the northwest on plains composed of marine and continental sediments and on hills and several rocky mountains. The South Zone Zona Sul of the city, reaching the beaches fringing the open sea, is cut off from the Centre and from the North Zone by coastal mountains.

    These mountains and hills are offshoots of the Serra do Mar to the northwest, an ancient gneiss-granite mountain chain that forms the southern slopes of the Brazilian Highlands. The large West Zone Zona Oestelong cut off by the mountainous terrain, had been made accessible by new roads and tunnels by the end of the 20th century.

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    Along the coast, the breeze, blowing alternately onshore and offshore, modifies the temperature. Because of its geographic situation, the city is often reached—especially during autumn and winter—by cold fronts advancing from Antarcticawhich cause frequent weather changes.

    But it is mostly in summer that strong showers may provoke catastrophic floods and landslides. The mountainous areas register greater rainfall since they constitute a barrier to the humid wind that comes from the Atlantic. The temperature varies according to elevation, distance from the coast, and type of vegetation. Winter June—September is particularly pleasant, both because of its mild temperatures and because it is, in general, less rainy than the summer December—Marchwhich is hotter as well.

    City layout The core of the city of Rio de Janeiro is the Centre, and the core of its large metropolitan area is the South Zone. Rio de Janeiro, with Sugar Loaf Mountain. However, few colonial-era buildings or monuments remain, owing to a series of remodeling and modernizing efforts. Included in these changes were the demolition of old buildings and their replacement with larger and higher structures; the leveling of hills and the filling of lagoons, swamps, and stretches of the sea; the enlarging of streets and avenues for automobile traffic; and the construction of new infrastructuresuch as the port, rebuilt in Rio de Janeiro Centre.

    The Centre contains a number of buildings with styles that reflect these historical remodeling phases; hence, buildings from different eras and of various architectural styles are juxtaposed with one another. The Municipal Theatre, built at the beginning of the 20th century and still the main national theatre, is almost a replica of the Paris Opera House. The Ministry of Education buildingconceived by International-style innovator Le Corbusier and Brazilian architects, represents the Modernismo movement in Brazilian architecture of the s, while the headquarters of the Bank of Brazil is an example of an International-style high-rise building.

    Two- or three-story houses, built at the turn of the 20th century and resembling those of some areas of Lisboncompete for space with historical monuments, 8- to story buildings constructed before the s, to story buildings of the post-World War II era, and skyscrapers of more than 40 stories constructed since the s. The Imperial Palace Paco Imperiala restored colonial-era structure, lies on the southeast edge of the plaza, while across the busy square is the 20th-century-era building that once housed the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange and now serves as a financial museum.

    Half a block to the southeast of the plaza lies the imposing Tiradentes Palace, home to the state legislature and an example of Neoclassical-style architecture, while just a few blocks farther southeast is the home of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, itself only three blocks from the midth-century Modern Art Museum.

    A few blocks in the same direction, past the white arches of an 18th-century aqueduct, stands the modernistic cone of the Metropolitan Cathedral, with its spectacular feet- metre- high stained glass windows. Detail of the exterior of the Metropolitan Cathedral, Rio de Janeiro. Across the street sits the Municipal Theatre, and a block down is its architectural sister, the National Library.

    A few blocks west of Campo de Santana is the long stretch of low-lying white buildings housing elementary schools for most of the year but briefly serving as the elongated stadium holding some 60, spectators for the Carnival competition among the largest escolas in function, essentially community samba associationseach involving thousands of costumed dancers and musicians. South Zone South of the Centre are a host of other scenic attractions.

    Little more than a half mile to the east is Catete Palace. Below these sights and a bit to the east is Flamengo beach, bordered by a beautifully landscaped extension of the parklike landfill that stretches back to the Centre.

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    Inland to the west in the Cosme Velho neighbourhood lies the beginning of the funicular railroad to Mount Corcovado 2, feet [ metres] and the massive statue of Christ the Redeemer that crowns it.

    Royal palms in the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro. Curving south and then east, the shore marks the back side of the posh residential districts of Leblon and Ipanema to the south, with their exceptional beaches and opulent oceanside apartments and luxury hotels.

    Ipanema becomes less affluent as it merges eastward past Arpoador Point to Fort Copacabana, the west end of the famed tourist district of that name. The Ipanema district of Rio de Janeiro, Braz. Tijuca then climbs southeastward to the heart of Tijuca National Park, the Alto da Boa Vistawhere there are several waterfalls and spectacular vantage points that provide extraordinary views of the city sprawled out far below: The former, originally the imperial palace, overlooks the Museum of the First Empire.

    Commercial and service activities were established around the squares where traffic was concentrated.

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    Tijuca and Meier emerged as important local centres; more-distant neighbourhoods later followed suit. An international autodrome, a convention centre, and ultramodern enclosed shopping malls served as magnets for a burgeoning number of gated high-rise apartment communities with their own schools, clubs, and boutiques.

    With the opening in the late s of the Yellow Line Highway—running west from Governador Island, with tunnels piercing the mountainous barrier—the large inland area beyond Tijuca was opened up.

    Many more established residence farther out along the coast, first reaching Guaratiba, then pushing toward the port at Sepetiba. Hence, Rio and its suburbs came to extend even farther west than they already had north.

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    Suburbs The suburban zone inside the municipality of Rio de Janeiro extends 12 miles 20 km north from the Centre; still more suburbs are found in neighbouring municipalities. Indeed, these areas have experienced the most rapid growth of the metropolitan region since the s, owing more to migrations from the interior of the state and other states than to natural increase. Most residents of the suburbs are poor, but each suburb contains areas of relative prosperity and modern facilities.

    The Astonishing Growth Of Brazil (2011)

    Single-family houses dominate, although the number of apartment buildings has grown rapidly. Government housing programs of the s attempted to relocate inhabitants of the favelas of the Centre and North Zone to the suburbs, but the population resisted being moved from areas that were in close proximity to their places of work.

    Programs since then have concentrated on rebuilding the favelas proper. Still, such programs have done little to stem the growth of the North Zone suburbs. Located in the highlands at an elevation of 2, feet metresit is a summer tourist resort as well as a centre of light industry.

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    Indicators of Economic Progress: The Power of Measurement and Human Welfare

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