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    Email Greater Accra The Greater Accra Region is the smallest of the 10 administrative regions in terms of area, occupying a total land surface of 3, square kilometres or 1. In terms of population, however, it is the second most populated region, after the Ashanti Region, with a population of 4, inaccounting for The political administration of the region is through the local government system. Each District, Municipal or Metropolitan Area, is administered by a Chief Executive, representing central government but deriving authority from an Assembly headed by a presiding member elected from among the members themselves.

    The major ethnic groups are the Akan The Gas however form the largest single sub-ethnic grouping, accounting for Christians constitute the largest religious group With regard to marital status, A slightly higher proportion of females than males are in marital unions; In spite of the minimum legal age of 18 years prescribed for marriage, there is an indication that some persons aged years do marry.

    The proportion of persons aged years who are married or in consensual unions is 1.

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    It was, however, administered separately by the Minister responsible for local government. The region is administered at two different but complementary levels, the traditional and political levels. The traditional level of administration is through an intricate network of local governance dealing with purely traditional affairs concerning customs and land administration, while the political is along the lines of law and order and decentralized government machinery.

    The administration of the region is through the local government system that derives its authority from the Constitution of Ghana and the Local Government Act Act Two-thirds of assembly members are elected through local elections, while the remaining one-third is appointed by Government.

    The Assemblies have wide ranging social, economic and legislative jurisdiction over their respective local authority areas, but there is a Regional Coordinating Council RCC to coordinate and monitor the activities of these Assemblies. The Regional Coordinating Council, which is headed by the Regional Minister, has the following membership: Regional Minister and his Deputies, ii.

    Mature Attractions in accra Free Mature Dating

    Two Chiefs from the Regional House of Chiefs, iv. The Regional Heads of decentralized Departments in the Region as members without voting rights. In recent times, it has been decided that new districts are going to be created throughout the country. Physical Features It has a coastline of approximately kilometres, stretching from Kokrobite in the west to Ada in the east. The soils have low organic contents with shallow top soils which limit the capacity for crop production.

    The vegetation is mainly coastal savannah shrubs interspersed with thickets. Some trees are however found mostly in the Dangme West and Ga districts. There are two rainfall peaks notably in June and October. The first rainfall season between April and July is associated with the major cropping season in the region.

    With the recent floods during the major season in parts of the region, however, a significant proportion of vegetable farmers are increasingly depending on the minor season September-October. The region is not well endowed with mineral resources and possesses only granite, clay and salt. The main rivers that flow through the region are the Volta and Densu. In addition, there are small seasonal streams flowing mostly from the Akwapim Ridge into the sea through numerous lagoons.

    Because the region is bordered on the south by the Gulf of Guinea, there are ecologically very important but highly polluted lagoons and wetlands in AMA, Tema and Dangme East. The dredging work on the Korle lagoon in AMA to tap its full potential is ongoing. The Age Structure The age structure of the five districts is characteristic of populations experiencing rapid growth.

    The proportion of persons under 15 years varies from The sex ratio varies from The relatively low sex ratio for Dangme East can be attributed to several factors including male out-migration and higher male mortality.

    The age structures in the five districts have given rise to two patterns of dependency ratios. The higher dependency ratios in Ga, Dangme West and Dangme East are partly a reflection of relatively higher fertility and imply a great dependency burden for the working population in these districts.

    With the exception of Ga and Tema, more than half of the population is born in the locality of enumeration. In general, persons born in the Eastern Region predominate in all the districts except Tema and Dangme East, where persons born in the Volta Region form the largest proportion of persons born outside the region.

    Persons born outside Ghana constitute 1. The analysis of the migratory pattern for districts indicates that the proportion of persons involved in intra-regional migration is low in AMA 3.

    Towns and Cities

    This pattern is almost the same for both sexes. The Eastern Region contributes the largest proportion of inter-regional migrants, followed by Volta, Central and Ashanti. Slightly more females than males have moved from the Eastern Region to the districts in Greater Accra. International migration is low. As a metropolis, the entire AMA is urban, while only 18 per cent of the population in Dangme East live in urban areas.

    Total fertility rates TFRs in the five districts vary from 5. This observation is supported by evidence based on life-time fertility: Population Size The population of Greater Accra has increased fromin to 2, in It has the second largest population, after Ashanti, and its share of the total population of the country has steadily increased from 7. The male population has grown fromin to 1, in The corresponding female figures arein and 1, in During the period, the female population grew much faster than the male population.

    This may be the result of greater migration of females into the region in response to the employment and other opportunities provided by urbanization in the area of trading and services.

    Population Density The region has remained the most densely populated region in the country since Population density measured as the number of persons per square kilometre has increased from The densely populated nature of the region is brought into sharp focus when it is compared with the other regions. Policy Implications and Interventions The relatively high fertility in Dangme West and Dangme East suggests low contraceptive use and hence the unmet need for family planning. The Ministry of Health and other health service providers should continue with efforts to make effective birth control methods not only accessible but also affordable.

    Analysis of current school attendance shows that the proportions of females in primary and junior secondary schools are slightly higher than those for males.

    The sex differences at the senior secondary schools level however is in favour of males and widen at the tertiary level. The emphasis on girl child education is yielding dividends but there is room for improvement.

    The private informal sector plays a vital role in the economies of the districts. Six out of every 10 economically active persons in the region are in the private informal sector. This high proportion in the informal sector points to lack of employment opportunities that compel people to create their own jobs which in turn often leads to fractionalisation of profits and a condition of shared poverty.

    The private informal sector dominates the institutional sector in the region. In view of this, there is the urgent need for the district assemblies and central government to train and equip this large workforce with new skills to be able to participate effectively in the economies of their respective districts.

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    It should be possible for the private informal sector to access soft loans from banks for business. The ultimate objective would be to capacitate such businesses to transform into the private formal to provide job opportunities and make an impact on the economy. Housing condition The housing conditions situation leaves much to be desired. The toilet facilities accessible to households and the waste disposal methods, for both solid and liquid waste, point to a high level of unsanitary conditions, especially in AMA and Tema.

    Except at the Ridge, the Cantonments and educational institutions such as the Achimota College and the University of Ghana Legon, which were constructed with proper underground sewerage systems, the rest of the region has no proper interconnected sewerage system. Only Tema Township was planned and constructed with a fully integrated sewerage system. Unfortunately, Tema has overgrown the capacity of the original system due to poor maintenance and lack of upgrading of the system.

    This has created problems similar to the situation in the AMA. The high cost of connecting housing units to the central sewerage system also discourages the implementation of the system. The drainage system in the AMA is very poor, resulting in annual flooding in spite of the low annual rainfall of the region. The open drains are supposed to serve as storm drains but have become receptacles for solid, liquid and human waste disposal. This situation, which has affected the efficient and hygienic disposal of solid, liquid and human waste in almost the entire region, needs to be seriously reviewed and addressed.

    There is therefore the need for drastic measures to resolve once and for all the perennial sanitary and disposal problems of the region. AMA should enforce the byelaw that bans the use of pan or bucket latrine in the metropolis. The use of electricity as the main source of lighting in Dangme West and Dangme East is low. The low use of electricity may not be unrelated to the high cost of electricity. The proportion of households using charcoal as cooking fuel varies from It is also noted that in Dangme West and Dangme East, more than half of households use wood as cooking fuel.

    In the face of depleting forest and little reforestation, cutting down trees to produce charcoal exacerbates the deforestation and land degradation problems. To effectively address the issue of deforestation, District Assemblies should initiate and implement a vigorous tree planting exercise in their areas of jurisdiction.

    The sale of gas in smaller cylinders, which will be affordable to households, would need to be introduced to encourage the shift from wood- to non-wood- based fuel. This is because liquefied petroleum gas LPG is already heavily subsidised by government and to reduce it further may not be feasible under the present economic conditions. The District Assemblies can contribute to the programme by mobilizing the communities to make financial contributions towards the purchase of electricity poles and cables.

    Government would need to address the issue of affordability of electricity. Most households in the region rely on both orthodox medical and traditional health facilities for primary health care needs. Hospitals and clinics are not within easy reach of most communities, whereas traditional health facilities are fairly well dispersed and within easy reach of most communities. The maximum distance from a locality to a traditional health facility is less than 5 kilometres while the maximum distance to a hospital ranges from 25 kilometres for Tema to 49 for Dangme West.

    The average population per doctor for the region is 2, while that for registered traditional healer is 1, The good patronage of traditional healing facilities is evidence of easier accessibility and affordability than is the case with hospitals and clinics.
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    Recent Greater Accra contacts

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