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  • Step 1. Unlocking Your Phone
  • The boudoir and the sports field combine for one hot mother of a bikini
  • Step 2: Deciding on Roaming vs. Thai SIM Card

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    Step 1. Unlocking Your Phone

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    Below is your step by step guide to getting excellent and cheap cell service in the Land of Smiles.

    Krista Stelzner, assigned to the U. Unlocking Your Phone Bringing your pre-existing service overseas can be inconvenient and can cost an absolute fortune in fees.

    So consider having your phone unlocked from your service provider before you board your flight. It only costs a small fee, and that way you can get a Thai sim card instead. You may not be aware, but different phones carry different size sim cards. Before you leave, quickly Google your phone model and check- they may also be able to tell you at any provider booth in Thailand. All size sims are available in Thailand.

    Thai SIM Card Some travelers would like to keep their current number, which requires that they turn on international roaming. You may also want to ask if they have any partner networks in Thailand.

    There you can find tourist targeted plans that provide internet, calling and texting for shorter time spans. There you can find a more flexible range of plans that that will suit your needs at a lower price. Generally, purchasing a SIM will require a passport, as most providers register the card under your name and passport number.

    You may not be asked at smaller locations or stores in more obscure parts of Thailand, but this registration practice is still the general procedure, so be sure to bring your travel documents with you.

    Check out the best deals from each service below: Calling plans start at 9 THB per day. Unlimited monthly starts at THB. Calling plans start at 13 THB a day. Calling plans start at 29 THB a day.

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    While DTAC is most friendly to Western users in terms of customer service, Truemove provides the most wifi hotspots across Thailand, which is fantastic for travellers on a shoestring budget. Additionally, choosing a plan is extremely simple. To set up a hot spot: Turn it on 4. Choose how to connect tablet or computer with either wifi, USB cable, or bluetooth — you will be prompted Step 7: Therefore, trying to ration your data is just good sense, especially if you only want to top up once during your time in Thailand.

    Whenever possible, connect to wifi networks provided by dining or shopping establishments near you or even mobile wifi zones enabled by your internet provider. Save data sucking activities, like video streaming hello YouTube! That will prevent apps from constantly refreshing and sucking data. Note the time and date that your plan is set to expire, as most have daily, weekly or monthly limits.

    Staying Active Keeping your sim card active depends on what type of sim card you have. To check your date of expiry you can use these USSD codes:
    Park Lumpini Park The park is a pure escapism from the chaos of the city traffic. A perfect spot for family gatherings over lunch near one of the ponds or a romantic walk at the sunset. In December and January when the weather is cooler, free concerts and shows are organized in the park. Your best chances to catch one of them is to come on Sunday after 5.

    How to get there: Opening hours and admission: In the courtyard there is a small shrine containing Shiva's Lingam phallus. Daily rituals are carried out at noon. There is a strict prohibition on taking the photos inside of the temple. The temple will be on your left after about 15 minutes. Christ Church Christ Church dates back to the early Protestants in the 19th century who laid the foundation for the Protestant Church in Thailand. The American Protestants followed over the next three decades.

    The church was completed on 30 April Breaking away from the tradition of naming the church after a saint, the members settled for the simple and appropriate name, Christ Church. In the English church in Convent Road, celebrated its centenary, more than years after the first Protestant missionary set foot in Bangkok.

    The Christ Church is located on the Convent Road. Take the Skytrain to the Sala Daeng station and walk along the Silom road west. Turn left into the Convent Road and walk until you see the church. The statue was erected in Somwang Patthamakhanthin and Ms. Oraphin Sirirat who has loved sea shells since childhood.

    Museum is located in a three-storey building exhibiting different kinds of sea shells; such as giant sea shells and sea shells of bivalve molluscs in beautiful colors from every corner of the world. In addition the museum hosts a display of unusual sea urchins and an exhibition of artwork about sea shells.

    The Bangkok Seashell museum will be on your left. Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute Snake Farm A great place to see cobras, kraits, vipers, pythons and pretty much any other species of over a types of snakes which can be found all around Thailand.

    You can have your picture taken while holding a giant python and see snakes "milked" of their venom. Daily held lectures and demonstrations are delivered in English and Thai.

    Walk about metres on Henri Dunant Street. The entrance is on the left side of the street. Mon - Fri Mon - Fri at 11 am. Slide presentation in English: Adults Baht, Children 50 baht Contact: We recommend to confirm the and prices prior to the visit.

    The landscape of the park consists of a vast green space. A lot of big trees around the park create shady and cool environment - a perfect setting to get some rest from the buzz of the city. As a tribute, there is a 3 meter sculpture of HM the Queen in a standing posture. They reflect delicate art, new ideas and philosophy of the artists. One of the sculptures is a huge commemorative coin illustrating an image of HM Queen Sirikit. There are two Thai styled pavilions in the front part of the park.

    The park is located on the Sukhmvit Road between Soi Sukhumvit 22 and Alternatively take one of the following buses: Museum Museum of Thai Pharmacy The museum of Thai Pharmacy was established to publicize the history of the traditional Thai medicine from the past to present time. Mon - Fri from Advance contact in writing is required for a group visit. This well-maintained example of the Northern Thai architecture is more than years old. It has been handed down through generations of the Nimmanahaemida family before being generously donated to the Siam Society by Nang Kinhaw Nimmanahaemida.

    With the financial support of the Asia foundation, the house was relocated from Chiang Mai to Bangkok in The Kamthieng House is the center-piece at the Siam Society, which promotes the preservation of heritage, culture, arts and the environment.

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    Walk along the Asoke Road. The Siam Society and the Kamthieng House will be on your right handside. Tuesday to Saturday except public holidays The attractions include a planetarium, an aquarium and permanent exhibitions of sports science, communication technology and natural environment. Alternatively you can take the bus 2,48 or Tue to Sun except public holidays from Exhibition and Planetariam - Adult 40 baht, Child 20 baht Contact: The main attraction is the special library the TCDC Library that houses a collection of approximately 20, design-based books and multimedia titles on the above mentioned topics.

    Members may bring their own laptop computers into the library and use the free Wi-Fi connection, or use one of several Apple Macintosh or desktop computers running Microsoft Windows XP. TCDC is a subscription library open to members only. Visitors are entitled to access the TCDC Resource Center by depositing their ID card or passport at the library counter to receive a free one-day pass. TCDC has a complex structure of membership types and fees, including group discounts. Membership for foreign residents starts at 1, baht per year.

    Check the TCDC website www. Tourists or other visitors who wish to access the library for a short period can apply for a Day Pass for baht. The validity period is ten consecutive days based on the first registration date. The center is located on the sixth floor, opposite the cinema.

    The boudoir and the sports field combine for one hot mother of a bikini

    The library is closed on Mondays. On other days it is open from For the current events calendar please visit website www. The station is located right in front of the entrance to the Convention Center. After the World War II they moved permanently to the this residence. There are seven houses in the complex.

    Each one displays art collection assembled by the Royal family, their photos, drums, religious artifacts and model boats House 1. House 2 contains personal items like bowls inlaid with mother-of-pearl and ivory boxes. These days the temple is situated between the Siam Paragon and Central World shopping malls. Inside, the temple is full of ancient crafts and sculptures. Take the BTS to the Siam station. Thompson is the name which once upon a time was on the lips of everybody in Thailand. He was a collector of Asian artifacts and antiques.

    In recognition of his services for the country, he has been given the royal award of The Order of the White Elephant. Jim Thompson Thai Silk, the company he founded is recognized worldwide for its magnificent creations. Adult baht, Child 50 baht Museum of Imaging Technology The first camera and photograph museum established in Thailand and Asia shows historic photographs and imaging equipment together with its technological evolution.

    A must-see for any fan of photography! The screen is seven stories high and you will be wrapped around by 12, watt digital sound. IMAX technology will take you to the places better than reality. What else can you possibly expect? The place is packed with cafes, restaurants and bookshops. An Art Library is the part of the facility too. BACC is the meeting place for artists providing cultural programs for the community highlighting the importance of cultural continuity.

    Tue - Sun The institute houses a library and gem identification services. The buildings stands out due to its colonial European-style. It houses a shop and the only private-run museum in Bangkok dedicated to goldsmithing, a treasure trove of arcane tool, trinktes and collectibles from the late 19th century How to get there: It is believed that the Golden Buddha is more than years old.

    It stayed there until When the temple had fallen out of use and was abandoned, the Ecclesiastical Commission had relocated the statue to the Wat Trai Mit. Subway to Hua Lampong Station and continue walking for metres. It was built in the late Ayutthaya period by a Chinese merchant. It had been regularly restored since the reign of King Rama I.
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    Step 2: Deciding on Roaming vs. Thai SIM Card

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