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  • The prison system in the United States is a profit-making industry.
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  • Israeli model stars in Kardashian makeup ad
  • Police: Ex-husband hired gardener to dig hole days before wife's murder

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    From there, the president will make the minute drive to the Northeast Iowa Community College campus in Peosta. A tour of the college is scheduled to begin at That discussion is only slated to last about 35 minutes before the president leaves Peosta on his way back to the Dubuque Regional Airport.

    President Trump will tour the Peosta campus before sitting down for a roundtable discussion on workforce development. Preparations for the visit have been underway since late last week. Knight says they hope to impress upon the president how important a community college is for workforce development. A total of 86 citation were issued to motorist, mostly for speeding and tinted windows. Officers also made contact with 99 pedestrians.

    The project was operational from 3 to 7 p. City officials have re-opened Miller-Riverview Park to visitors and campers. An email from the city says the gates to the park are back open and a park manager will be on-site beginning at 3: Miller-Riverview had been closed since June 22…a full 33 days ago. The park was also off limits from April 30 to June 8 due to an earlier round of flooding.

    President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a roundtable discussion on workforce development at the Northeast Iowa Community College Campus in Peosta at Trump will fly in to the Dubuque Regional Airport, then make his way to Peosta. But for those who have not been through the experience, Riniker will encourage them to stay focused.

    The head of a national soybean group agrees. The money in the farm aid package will come from the federal Commodity Credit Corporation, which is a program that dates back to the Great Depression. Farmers are expected to be able to begin applying for the program toward the end of August. The mayor wants to talk with Trump about all of the damage that an EF-3 tornado caused in his community last week. According to police, the latest skimmer was found Monday on a gas pump at the Liquor, Tobacco, and Gas at the intersection of 14th Street and Central Avenue.

    An employee located the skimmer during an annual inspection. Police say the device is similar to the one found on a gas pump at another Central Avenue retailer earlier this month. Back on July 9, employees at the Fas Mart in the hundred block of Central found a skimmer on one of their pumps.

    Those images were seen by a Cedar Rapids police officer, who contacted Dubuque Police and identified Isaacson as the woman in the pictures. According to Dubuque Police, the 6-year-old girl riding east on 17th Street a few minutes after 7: She did not roll underneath the semi, but still suffered a head injury.

    Police say the girl rode into the intersection against a red light. Klein says the main reason he wants to continue serving is the future of Sunnycrest Manor. For years, he has pushed to privatize the county-owned retirement home. With the election a little more than three months away, Klein says he now plans to hit the campaign trail.

    Klein will be running for one of two open spots on the board. Election Day is November 6th. The center will be the place for Hawaiian Culture Night Thursday. Marc DeMotta will share his Hawaiian culture through food, dance and an educational presentation. Preregistration is required for the free event, which will be held from 5: You can preregister by calling the center, or email info mfcdbq. The Iowa Department of Transportation says the closure is due to debris on the road.

    Our coverage partners at KCRG are reporting that Trump will take part in a roundtable discussion on workforce development at the Northeast Iowa Community College campus in Peosta at State Representative Shannon Lundgren, a Republican from Peosta, has confirmed on Facebook that she will be a part of the roundtable as well.

    Trump is also scheduled to visit a steel mill near St. Louis on Thursday afternoon. A member of the Dubuque County Clerk of Court staff says the trial will now likely begin on either September 17 or It was moved there due to pretrial publicity here in Dubuque County. Prosecutors say Betwell attacked year-old Nancy Krapfl while she was out for her morning walk in September of She died as a result of her injuries later that day.

    SCOTUSblog The Supreme Court of the United States blog

    Barklow was one of the subjects of an Illinois State Police investigation earlier this year. She says he instead drove her to his own house, where he tried to pressure her into starting a romantic relationship and touched her inappropriately.

    Barklow had also been scrutinized for reinstating former Assistant Police Chief Gerald Fluhr after seven women accused him of sexual harassment. No charges were filed against either man. According to police, James stabbed year-old Michelle Kinney to death inside her apartment in the block of Iowa Street on Saturday night.

    Police say traffic camera footage from that evening shows the two of them walking into the apartment together. James is later seen leaving the apartment and walking to the Next Phase bar about six blocks away. James was arrested at the bar just before He was charged with Harassment, Public Intoxication, and Interference with Official Acts in connection with that incident.

    James has been held in the Dubuque County Jail since Saturday night. Hart says the way to create more job opportunities in the state is through state and local partnerships. Another way to foster job creation, according to Hart is making sure that school districts are adequately funded. The CARF accreditation represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization.

    Hills and Dales has been providing residential and community-based services to people with disabilities and their families in Dubuque and surrounding communities since Many of them could be feeling the impact of the trade disputes that Trump has caused with China and the European Union.

    While the presidential visit is intended to pump up support for Blum, Budzisz says his opponent, State Representative Abby Finkenauer, could make some political hay out of it as well.

    Israeli model stars in Kardashian makeup ad

    The White House has not yet confirmed the visit, and no other details have been announced. The last time was in early November ofwhen then-President Barack Obama held a campaign rally in Washington Park just a couple days before winning re-election. He spoke to about a thousand people during a rally at the Dubuque Regional Airport.

    Finkenauer is challenging Blum after representing a portion of the city of Dubuque in the Iowa Legislature for the past four years. The closure is expected to be in place through mid-September. According to a Facebook post, year-old Derek Eastlick has been apprehended.

    Police had been looking for Eastlick since earlier this month when he drove away from officers, abandoned his vehicle, and escaped on foot. The truck missed the pedestrian, and crashed into the front steps of St. After being arrested, Schmidt reportedly told police he had been in an ongoing feud with his intended target. He said that he drove at the man to try to scare him. Iowa Public Info Board Tosses Complaint from Peosta Businessman A state board has dismissed a complaint from a prominent Peosta businessman against the local city council.

    Spiegel claimed that three council members had met outside City Hall following a meeting in early May. The council members say they were discussing personal matters that were unrelated to council business.

    Spiegel alleges that the gathering constituted an illegal meeting. His escape comes a week after he was admitted to the facility. Hubbard is serving a sentence for convictions of domestic abuse assault and other counts.

    There were no fatalities reported, but ten people were injured in Marshalltown, and seven people at a factory near Pella. Dee Brown, director of customer operations for Alliant says they hope that people affected by the tornados can get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

    The entertainment will begin at 4: The music will wrap up at about 9: McDonald's Workers Charged After Fight A fight between workers at a Dubuque fast food restaurant led to charges for both of the men involved. According to Dubuque Police, the incident happened a few minutes before 7: Both men were arrested and have been charged with Disorderly Conduct. The fish kill ran from south of Greeley to Earlville on Tuesday and Wednesday. A number of species of fish were reported dead along 20 miles of Plum Creek, including game fish such as smallmouth bass and rock bass.

    DNR officials believe the fish kill happened during a rainstorm on July 13th. The event is being sponsored by Special Olympics Iowa. Bryan Coffey, Director of Unified Programs for SOIA says over 80 special athletes and their partners will participate in the tournament, and the goal is to develop friendships. The unified golf tournament in Dubuque continues to grow in popularity each year.

    Each year, SOIA host eight unified golf tournaments throughout the state beginning in the summer and ending in the early part of the fall. The tournament will be held on Saturday from 8: Dubuque Fireworks Complaints Drop in The number of fireworks complaints called in to Dubuque Police at the beginning of this month was down compared to a year ago.

    During the first week of July, fireworks complaints were called in to Dubuque Police.

    SCOTUSblog The Supreme Court of the United States blog

    Joe Messerich says they hope that played a big part. Published on June 8, the post was shared more than times. While the city of Dubuque has a ban on fireworks use, the state law does not allow usage past July 8th. Of those fireworks complaints, only three have resulted in a charge being filed.
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    Police: Ex-husband hired gardener to dig hole days before wife's murder

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